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Sensory Trigger Method

Barbara Dean Schacker, Author
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"The Sensory Trigger Method can work wonders even when progress with speech therapy has ceased. It is used mostly by family members and friends as a method of breaking through the silence, while speech therapists find it helps severe patients get "unstuck" and go to the next level. Even people with milder aphasia benefit by learning how to "unblock" speech themselves when the words "don't come to them".

~ Barbara Schacker, Sensory Trigger Originator.

Our "brain friendly" speech practice programs use the Sensory Trigger Method to tap into brain pathways from early childhood and the undamaged speech centers on the other side of the brain. These special techniques are based on the brain research that shows that new pathways can reconnect speech. This is called "neuroplastic speech recovery".

It works by using something called "sensory substitution". The sensory trigger uses touch signals from the hand and fingertips to substitute for the damaged or lost connections in the brain. These signals travel the neuro-pathways that are responsible for initiating and producing speech. The touch signals learn how to communicate with the brain in a new way. They adapt and function just like speech signals and are recognized as such by the undamaged side of the brain. The fingertips and hand use the same neuro networks as Braille or American Sign Language. With daily practice, a new "brain map" is created for speech.

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The difference between what we do and other programs is how sight, sound and touch are integrated into every activity.


  • Uses all 3 sensory systems required for speech recovery: touch, sight and sound
  • Focus on being able to communicate one's needs, wants, feelings and thoughts.
  • Special Core Words vocabulary - Over 1000 most frequently spoken words
  • Exercises start with words that are the easiest to say
  • Learn how to "unblock" your speech.
  • Natural sounding voice feature can be adjusted for speed and pacing.
  • Option for UK English speakers
  • Natural sounding voice app can be used on any document, web page, email
  • Add to the program content for personal names, addresses, expressions and interests
  • Change or add program content to advance as a person progresses
  • Activities to apply what is learned in the program to encourage spontaneous everyday speech.
  • Our programs now run on iPad, iPod, and medium-sized tablets as well as desktops and laptops
  • Personal Sensory Trigger coaching sessions will show you how to bring back speech in everyday life situations, so you will go beyond the programs. Sessions are for all levels and speech recovery.

    Follow Michael's amazing speech recovery after a massive traumatic brain injury. Using the Sensory Trigger Method and programs, Michael recovered enough of his speech and writing to converse and help edit his second book. Watch the videos clips showing stages of his remarkable progress on the Demo page and read Michael's Recovery Story

    Combined with the use of the most frequently spoken words and conversational words, the method and materials take most of the frustration out of getting speech back. We have proved that even in "hopeless" cases, speech recovery is still possible using the Sensory Trigger Method. In addition, we have shown that the time frame for recovery is up to two years and beyond--not six months as previously believed. This is why we have had so much success, even with "untreatable" cases of aphasia. Read how Barbara Dean Schacker discovered the Sensory Trigger: Story of my father's amazing speech recovery.

    Studies have shown that "Intensive Speech Therapy" programs are 85% more effective than 1 or 2 times a week therapy sessions. Yet these programs are hard to find and are expensive. With our Whole Speech Practice Kits, families and therapists now have a way to provide intensive speech recovery programs, even when time with the patient is severely limited by insurance cut-offs or Medicare limitations. Our family friendly programs and materials bring everyone together. It is also now known that social and family interaction can make the difference between a person who recovers their speech and those who do not. The Sensory Trigger Method, is a daily, go-at-your-own-pace speech practice and interaction that really works. The Sensory Trigger Method and our Speech Practice Kits are easily integrated into speech therapy programs and aphasia support groups. Professionally evaluated and clinically tested.

    Evidence Base For the Sensory Trigger Method: Evidence base documents, articles, resources 

    The Sensory Trigger Method was clinically tested in 1991 by Larry A. Boles, M.S. CCC-SLP, University of California, Davis, Medical Center, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation -

    All participants who had previously plateaued and were considered "untreatable" with speech therapy, benefited from the programs, regaining speech at different levels during the clinical trial.




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