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We have a 96% success rate on our Sensory Trigger Training Sessions on Skype! The level of success depends on the level of aphasia and/or apraxia. We have had success with a wide range of disability - from very severe, severe, moderately severe. moderate, and mild speech loss. Every training session is different because every person's stroke and aphasia is different. We start to trigger speech from the undamaged speech centers on the other side of the brain. Then we practice the core words, phrases and sentences using the Sensory Trigger techniques. Sometimes we are even able to go beyond "repeating" and answer or respond to simple questions using 3 word sentences. The family member or speech partner or therapist learns how to do the method and techniques and recieves coaching on how to apply this to everyday speech practice and conversation. Whatever we don't accomplish in the first session we will work in the next session. It's the most exciting thing I've ever done. Working with people using online video call technology is so effective and easy. We generally use Skype video conferencing calls, but FaceTime and Google Hang outs are other options. I prefer the large screen format so we can see each other clearly. I like to see their hands as well as their faces. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page and the Success page for more information about our excellent track record.

The sessions are followed by using the online programs and using whatever other resources the client has available to them. I recommend having a series of at least six sessions for the best results. These can be timed when certain milestones are reached or can be scheduled for once a month or every other month--it is a self-paced approach.

Sessions are usually followed up with a summary of what we did and what was accomplished in the session, plus activities and exercises to do in daily practice. It is best when people have the access to the programs and guides through the Portal, but some people can't work with a computer program or don't want to work on the computer. In this case, we have an ongoing series of sessions paired with daily practice, targeted activities and "home work".


Go to Skype.com to get free video phone and tutorial video: https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA3681/how-do-i-make-free-voice-and-video-calls-on-skype-for-windows-desktop

I usually do sessions with Skype video call from 9:30 my time (Eastern US) to 4:00 pm. Tuesdays through Fridays. (Sessions happen every weekday except for Monday.) Skype sessions need to be prepaid. If you didn't order a session with your kit (or haven't ordered anything yet) you can go to the order page and place and order for $60 per session or depending on how long it is. You can order a 30 minute session on the order page or you can call me. We take all credit cards and debit cards with Mastercard or Visa logos as well as Pay Pal. After I get the order for the session it will call me and we'll get it on the schedule. (Scheduling is done by phone, not email. We can arrange a time to call via email however.)

I try to fit your needs into my schedule instead of the other way around. To schedule a Session, call me anytime Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm., Eastern Time to get on the schedule. (That said, I sometimes do a session on the weekend if there is no other time available.)

We will need to confirm the day before by phone call or email me that the session is happening. I'd also love to talk with you about the person's level of speech and what kinds of problems they are having. This way we won't have to discuss this in front of them at the beginning of the session. I want to mention, that I use Skype just for sessions, not for messaging.

To set up Skype ahead of time. Go to Skype.com and set up a free account. Choose your Skype name, making sure it has something unique, but one that I can identify. Like: "yourskypename-ohio" or whatever you like. Send this name to me via email and we will then send each other a "request to be a contact" and after you or I reply to that, we will be connected. Test our your video web cam and sound before the session.

Our Skype name is Pathways Publishing. (with an s). You can find it by using the search function on Skype. Send me an email if you do this, telling me that you are ready to connect. Please don't use Skype to message me, as I only use it for sessions. Please email or a phone call/message me.

The session is usually for about 40 minutes. If you would like a longer session you can order (2) with the order page for 60 minutes. If you ordered a session at the same time you ordered your kit or programs, you'll need to call in to schedule the session. You can do this whenever you are ready, either before you start the program or after you have regained some speech using the programs. I recommend the latter if you have purchased the portal access to the kit and other speech recovery tools.

I am looking forward to teaching you how to use the Sensory Trigger Method. I can teach you how to "unblock" yourself when you get "stuck" and how to trigger new speech! In addition, I'll be trainiing everyone there--family members, speech therapists, or caregivers how to work with you throughout the day so you can start talking and expresssing yourself. I'll also give you tips on how to use your Sensory Trigger speech practice programs in the best way.

Barbara Dean Schacker

Personal Sensory Trigger Training Sessions teache you how to bring back speech in everyday life situations, so you will go beyond just talking with the computer programs.


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